The re-appearance of a pro-PKK figure who went missing on May 27 has not only confused some, but has also created controversy, as many media outlets and public figures, including the chairpersons of the pro-PKK Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), had claimed that the individual in question was detained and tortured by the Turkish state, falling for the smear campaign against Turkey perpetrated by PKK terrorists.
Şırnak provincial member of the pro-PKK Democratic Regions Party (DBP) Hurşit Külter was spotted in a PKK camp in Northern Iraq, and even held a press conference months after he went missing after allegedly being locked up in a basement for weeks.
A campaign was launched following his disappearance, which accused the Turkish state of torturing, holding him incommunicado or killing him with impunity. Many took to social media outlets to demand an explanation for Külter’s disappearance.