The most significant item on the agenda in the cabinet meeting chaired by PM Binali Yıldırım was the municipalities with trustees appointed. The process following the appointment of trustees to 28 municipalities was discussed in the meeting. After trustees were appointed, the reactions of the local communities were assessed and the following statements were made:

– The public does not have any complaints concerning the transfer of municipalities to trustees.
– The HDP’s calls for taking to the streets and protesting trustees proved futile.
– There is an immense support for the fight against terrorism in the region. That is because citizens now conclude that the real responsible for their hardships and sufferings is the terrorist organization PKK.
– The public benefited from the peace process and acknowledged that the deal – breaker party was the PKK.
– In the meantime, to prevent the PKK and HDP from creating a wrong perception in Kobane, it will be made sure that Kurdish-origin citizens contact their relatives across the border. Accordingly, there are plans to take steps to ease border crossings.